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Struggling with writing SEO Content? , You want to know how to write SEO content with ease? is the perfect tool to write SEO-optimized content.

In this article, I will show you how to write SEO content with

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Writing content could be very exhausting, more so for search engines. 

Writing SEO content comes with a lot of work, you need a lot of details about what you are writing to keep up with producing quality content. 

How to write SEO content with Frase,

To get it right in SEO content you need to provide users with answers to their questions so that search engines will show your page for relevant queries in the top results.

You also need to know what users search for and click on using the search results pages.

According to stats, to up your content game, you need SEO because around 46% of marketers and business owners agree that SEO leads to success in content marketing; 47% said the same about audience research.


What Is

alt="Frase" is a powerful SEO research and content optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize and create content that ranks on Google SERP easier and faster.

It helps you save editorial time and outperform its competitors. is co-founded by Tomas Ratia and Frankie Liuzzi. It is based in Boston, MA.

Since the creation of, it has become a major competitor to other two AI content creation tools, Surgegraph, and Surfer SEO. assists with keyword research, generating content outlines, preparing an article draft, generating content briefs, and still writing content using AI. serves as an answer engine platform that helps you ask your visitors the right questions, and scrapes different sources to extract questions people ask about your keyword. Frase allows you to select headings from SERP results to curate outlines within minutes. 


Benefits of to SEO has a lot of benefits to SEO like:

  • gives  writers an all-inclusive platform for research, content writing, and optimization
  • Users can write a complete draft with AI, and optimize their content for ranking. 
  • It saves time spent on researching and creating content.
  • Its “people ask questions” basically tells you what content you should write.
  • Frase serves as a content planning tool.
  • Frase analyzes SEO competitors’ content.
  • Improves your content quality by using the right data
  • Frase makes content creation easier, faster, and effective. 
  • Frase’s tools allow teamwork and collaboration with freelancers and coworkers.
  • It provides a detailed analytics dashboard showing various KPIs areas optimization has affected over time.

How Does Work is not a free tool, To access you first need to sign up at, verify your email, and provide information about your company then you’ll need to purchase one of their subscription plans to start using Frase.


Frase Pricing

Frase offers a different range of pricing plans tailored to fit the needs of individuals and teams in business. You could get to experience frase by grabbing a special 5-day trial for just $1.

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure:


The solo plan currently costs $14.99 per month. It includes one user seat and write+ optimizes 4 articles per month.


The basic pricing plan costs $44.99 per month and includes 1 user seat and write+ optimizes 30 articles per month.


The team pricing plan costs $114.99 per month. it is tailored to each business that invests in it. It includes 3 user seats and write+optimizes unlimited documents per month and the use of the AI writing assistant. 

Frase Answers is priced based on individual needs – you can sign up for a free demo when you pay $1.

alt="Payment plans"
Payment plans How to Write SEO Content with it


alt=" How to Write SEO Content with it" How to Write SEO Content with it

How to write SEO content with needs in-depth knowledge about Frase ai.

To know how to write SEO content with Frase, you must take the following steps:

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research has to do with finding the right topics that interest customers, this could be found through “people ask questions” or using Keyword research tools like Google Console, etc.

Google Search Console tells you the queries your web pages rank in the search results.

  • You can see what pages and what words your website ranks for in the performance report.
  • Number of people that click on your web pages in the search results?
  • How often does your website or web page appear in the search results?

To access it, you’ll need to create a new document. Fill in your keyword, then, click on the Research tab on the left:

alt="Main Dashboard of"Main Dashboard of

When you enter a topic into Frase’s outline builder, it scrapes relevant searches and even associated questions from places like Quora, answerthepublic, and Google’s People Also Ask to give you a quick idea of what people are asking about related to your topic even monthly search volume.

alt="Keyword research"
Keyword research On


2. Content and Content Brief:

After getting a keyword, you need to create your content and get a content brief  by completing the following:


Search Intent

Page Title

Meta Description


Target Word Count

Creating a content brief outline helps you focus on key points and gives a good sense of direction and ideas. The content brief generates a full briefing and it lets you select what you want to add to your article. The topic clusters as a part of this content brief is a great tool.


Outline Builder


The intuitive Outline Builder designs an outline that can be converted into a full draft. It provides you with heading and sub-heading ideas and makes it easy to organize and structure your outline by dragging and dropping headings effortlessly. Headings focus on providing different information, giving search engines and users clues on its content and topics. Frase makes it easy to curate outlines in minutes,

The outline helps the writer use the correct format to structure the article, allowing search engines to understand the content and providing the users with what they need from the page.

Amazingly, you can create outlines in multiple languages of preference, not just English.



Frase has the writing tool, like the Long-Form Article Writer.

Long-form article writer creates comprehensive articles based on the top-pages content in your niche. 

it assists in writing long-form articles based on the top pages in the SERPs that already rank and are valuable to the reader.  

To get quality results, best use the commands and rephrase tools to edit the article.




Frase compares and analyzes content outlines of top-performing blog posts for your target keyword, visualizes competitor topics, keyword research,  and their frequency of usage, rewrites competitor content, creates your optimized content outline, and also handles your target audience’s wants.

To analyze and bring effective elements from competitors’ pages into your content, use the “Write Draft” feature.

This will help you create high-quality, keyword-optimized content that will rank well in Google search results.

Frase has tools you can use to optimize AI-generated content like the “rewrite”  and the “shorten” template

One will rephrase a paragraph or sentence while the other will break down or explain a paragraph with bullet points.

Frase gives uniqueness to your SEO strategy.




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