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How to secure Facebook account from hackers

Secure Facebook account
Secure Facebook account

In this article, you will discover the best tricks to use and secure your Facebook account from hackers.

Some of the unpleasant situations you face when your Facebook account is been hacked are grievous.

Unknown persons will get hold of your private content and will be able to post deceitful and offensive information on your behalf. Meanwhile, people from your inner circle keep wondering if something went wrong, it might cause you to lose some business associates who frown at such behaviour.

There are various and numerous unpleasant consequences- luckily, it’s difficult to hack your Facebook account. In this article, you will find the best recommendations on how to improve password security against violators.

Be watchful when signing up for new platforms

Secure Facebook account

Most platforms enable newbies to skip the usual process of filling out a registration form. Instead of logging in and providing your password, you simply link your Facebook account to the platforms.

Nevertheless, make sure you don’t give the platform too many privileges when it has to do with your Facebook account.

If the platform does not show you a notification promising not to post anything on your account, go to your Facebook settings and disable this feature manually.

Create a long and complex password

Secure Facebook account

Create a random combination of passwords that has no meaning. It should contain at least 12 characters with a mixture of numbers and alphabets of both small and capital letters. Personal information such as your phone number or birth date should not be linked to your password. The password should be used only for Facebook and not for any other app or system.

You can also install password generating app that will create long and complex passwords and will also keep them secured. The app can also create passwords for other social media platforms and services. A good example of such software is 1Password. This app has been used by thousands of people around the globe to hand over their passwords to it and they have enjoyed maximum security.

Don’t click on suspicious links or download suspicious apps

How to secure your Facebook account

Downloading the app randomly from an unknown source might link itself automatically to your Facebook account which will lead to unforeseeable consequences.

Don’t be in a hurry to click on an email or messenger except if it was sent by a close friend or teammate. This could be a phishing attack organized to steal your logins, passwords and other private data.

Install dual-factor authentication

This can be accessed under Facebook settings. This option is called login approvals. When you type in your password on Facebook, they will send you an OTP (one-time-password) which you will get either on your smartphone or email.

You must type in the OTP sent to you for the system to grant you access. It’s not possible to brute-force or presumes the OTP, the reason being that it is generated each time from the scratch, and has a limited number of attempts to introduce it.

Activate login alert

This feature does not stop hackers from accessing your account, but you will receive notifications on time and will be able to take action steps.

Permitting the login alerts will enable you to get notified when someone enters your account from another device or browser. You can also choose to be notified on your email or smartphone.

Accept trusted friends only

If you don’t want to be blackmailed go to your settings on Facebook and enable the system to recommend only those with whom you have at least three friends in common. Accepting friends randomly might put you at risk of accepting people with disreputable intentions.

Check the settings of your apps

You might be shocked the moment you discover how many apps on your phone or computer have access to your Facebook account.

Don’t be scared or think they spy on you, they don’t post anything on your Facebook account, but if these apps get hacked, hackers may gain access to your Facebook account through such apps.

Apps by lesser-known developers that are not too popular, constitute greater risks than the technologically advanced and widespread apps.

Go to the record list of your apps and check them manually one after the other. Disable any app linked to your Facebook and the reason why it is linked to it.

This process of checking is time-consuming, but the security of your Facebook account is worth it.

Install Facebook security software

Initially, we made mention of software that was specifically designed for generating and storing passwords – however, that is not the only possible option.

Some programs offer password storage as an additional feature and many other valuable functions too.

Mackeeper is one of such programs: it has an antivirus, clears space on the hard disk, includes an ad blocker and a VPN etc. this program is versatile and it will help safeguard your privacy online.

The good thing about such programs is that they spot, and prevent threats and hackers long before they attack you.

A notification will be sent to you immediately after a threat is detected. Ensure that you always scan your device and always keep your antivirus enabled.

Secure your gadgets with a password

This might sound unreasonable, but never leave your gadgets unguarded. Many users ignore the basic principles of security.

If your tablet, smartphone or laptop is stolen, deactivating it from a distance should be possible so that the gadget turns into a worthless piece of hardware.

It should be safeguarded with a complex password so you can disable the gadget to prevent the thief from having access to your apps and files.

I hope this article came within reach so you know what to do to stop your Facebook from being hacked.

It will interest you to know that you don’t need to be a specialist to follow these pieces of advice, nor will it take much effort.

Your reputation will remain untarnished, and you’ll browse the web with all confidence.

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