How to make money with a blog

How to Make Money with A Blog Fast

Are you looking for the quickest way to make money with a blog fast? if yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will reveal every little-known secret about profiting from blogging very fast. Have a nice read. 

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How to Make Money with A Blog Fast

Most Bloggers make money within 1 month after launch, this can be achieved by simply creating a blog optimized for quick Adsense approval. Publish 15 or more articles, apply for Google Adsense and send traffic to the website after Google Adsense approval. The quickest traffic generation method is through Adsense Arbitrage. 

This method is for beginners who do not have another traffic source. 

How to make money with a blog fast 

Let’s talk in detail about how to make money fast with a blog. Although this depends on when you expect to see earrings from your blog. 

It is certainly not within days. It takes about 3 weeks to 1 month to receive your first dollar, especially if you are a beginner without an existing blog and content. 

It is worth mentioning that results are not typical, some people have to wait for months to get approved for Google Adsense. 

I had one of my blogs approved 3 weeks after the launch.  The quickest ways to make money within your first month of blogging are with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. 

These are the steps to follow:  

1. Find a profitable niche 

Finding a profitable niche includes, researching the demand. How many people are searching for the keywords in your niche? this step is key. Focus on Finding out the cost per click for your niche keywords and the monthly search volume. Use Ubersuggest or another keyword research tool to complete this step.

2. Choose your website’s URL or Address

 Many a time, newbies get stuck with many names in their heads, trying to select the perfect one that sounds cool and niche. 

Have you heard of Fiverr or  Tumblr? They are incorrectly spelt, right? but they rank among the top websites on the internet.  Choose an easily pronounceable name, you may decide to use keywords in your niche. 

Visit a web hosting company’s website to check if it’s available. If it’s not, repeat the process. Don’t overthink this step, you have more things to worry about. 

3. Find a good WebHost and build your site

 If you’ve chosen a niche and URL, the next important step is the Webhosting service providerYou need a good and affordable web host for your site.

Bluehost ranks among the top Webhosting companies on the internet. Namecheap and Interserver also provide affordable and reliable domain names and Webhosting. 

This article here provides a detailed guide on how to launch a new blog with Bluehost. 

4. Optimize your website

SEO is the key to growing a profitable blog. A blogger who needs to get approved fast for Google Adsense should focus on creating a website with;

  • Good navigation
  • A privacy policy page
  • A contact us page
  • An active cookie plugin
  • A site map and
  • Article categories

These are “must-have” items to get Google’s approval for Adsense. 

S/N A Well-Optimised Blog A Poorly Optimised Blog
1 Has a Privacy Policy page  Does not have a privacy policy page 
2 Articles are put into relevant categories  Articles are not added to categories or no categories at all
3 Has a site map (submitted to Google) Does not have a site map
4 Has good navigation/pages  Poor navigation 
5 Has valuable content  Has thin content 
6 Has a “Contact” Page No “Contact” page
7 Have articles with  outbound and internal links  No links 
8 Good Image Optimization  No Image SEO
9 Good website health and speed Slow website speed

5. Create SEO-optimized content

Many bloggers (including me) tend to find content writing a hard task, and yes, it is. But is a necessary evil that cannot be avoided. 

Content is the oxygen of any website. Specifically, SEO-optimized content. More content means more future traffic.

 Your articles must address a need, solve a problem or answer questions. You must do a search analysis before writing an article. 

Don’t write content on a random topic. All your articles must be within your niche’s topic and your niche shouldn’t be broad. 

6. Monetize your site

Good content brings traffic but the content itself will not put money in your pocket. As a beginner, focus on monetizing with Google Adsense, then scale your monetization to affiliate marketing. Create at least 15 articles (7 each per category) before applying for Adsense. If you complete the steps above correctly, you stand a chance to be approved. If your blog is disapproved by Google Adsense Ads, sign up for the Ezoic Access Now program, it is the best beginner-friendly alternative to Google Adsense, and it does not require traffic to be accepted. 

7. Generate traffic

Once your blog is Adsense compliant and probably approved for monetization, it’s time to generate traffic. 

Do you have a large social media following? Do you have a community of people online who have an interest in reading your content? 

If yes, promote your content to them. 

But if you need instant traffic to your blog, run paid ads with Facebook or native advertising platforms like PropellerAds or Adseterra. 

Warning: Never send paid traffic directly to your blog, it’s risky and you may be demonetized. Create bridge pages.

A bridge page is a landing page for the traffic you buy. With this, Google will not penalize you for using inorganic traffic. 

The visitors land on the bridge page, and then they are redirected to the blog article. 

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What type of blog makes the most money?

Blogs with huge traffic and good monetization make the most money. 

The most successful blogs are doing well for four reasons; 

  • They contain helpful content 
  • The niches have high CPC
  • They publish SEO-optimized content 
  • They publish content consistently 

Based on research, we have compiled a list of highly successful blogs in different niches, they include the following,

Personal Development and Self-care: There is an increasing demand for personal development and self-care. Bloggers in this niche help people to practice habits or routines that improve happiness, get rid of anxiety, reduce or put an end to depression, manage stress and lots more.

These bloggers charge for one on one consultation, life coaching, group sessions etc.

They sell ebooks, audiobooks and video courses too.

This niche is profitable because of the high demand for self-care, personal development and mental wellness.

Adam Bernstein and Gina Harney of are very successful and renowned bloggers in the personal development and self-care niche.

Personal Finance: This niche has a $44+ CPC. Bloggers in this niche record good earnings from Google Adsense, in addition to other monetization methods. If you want to focus on the personal finance niche, write about budgeting, savings, investing, living expenses, debt management etc

Top 13 Personal Finance Blogs on the internet
Blog Name Founder Sub Niche
Get Rich Slowly   J D Roth Financial IQ 
Oblivious Investor  Mike Piper  Investing advice 
Millennial Money Grant Sabatier  How to gain financial independence
Afford Anything Paula Pant Real Estate and Property Investment
Naira metrics Obi-Chukwu Ugodre  Financial Literacy, investing and business news Razak Ahmed  Financial Growth and Money Advice 
Money254 Lorcan O Cathain Loan advise and money management George Appiah  Financial advice
MapleMoney Tom Drake  How to make, save and spend money wisely
Debt Free Guys David Auten and John Schneider  How to live a debt-free life

Forex: This niche has over $90 CPC, this is because of the huge awareness of foreign exchange and the increasing ads placed by Forex brokers on Google. Bloggers in this niche receive huge Adsense revenue. FX Street News, Daily FX and Aboki FX are the top forex blogs located in Spain, Chicago and Nigeria, respectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This niche has a whooping $495 cost per click. Similar to the Forex niche, bloggers in this niche earn a high Google Adsense payout because SEO software companies place more SEO-related product ads on their blogs.

Domain Names and Web Hosting: If you build a blog that focuses on topics around domain names and web hosting, you are in for huge payouts from Google Adsense, why? because your blog will have high CPC ads from top Webhosting companies. This niche has a $430+ CPC. Themeisle and WPbeginner are the top blogs in this niche.

How do I start a successful blog in 2023? 

Simply start from where you are with what you have. 

1. The first step is to pick a niche and do search analyses to know if there are plenty of search queries on Google. 

Search analysis is a technique used to discover what other people have been searching for on Google relating to your search term. To start a successful blog, you should analyse all the auto-suggested topics and use them to create an outline to write your content. This is called “search analysis. 

<img scr=Google Autocomplete.png" alt=a screenshot shwing Google Autocomplete in Google search results"/>
Google Autocomplete

2. The second step is to identify your niche keywords and the search volume. I have covered this in detail in my previous article.  

If you complete the steps above correctly, choose a Web Hosting service provider, and go ahead and start designing your blog or hire someone to do it for you. 

Are small blogs profitable? 

Monetized small blogs with reasonable traffic and good content are profitable. Small blogs may mean new blogs or blogs with few articles. The blogging space is competitive, small bloggers need to deliberately grow their blogs by publishing more SEO-friendly content. This is key to sustainable profitability. 

How many blog posts do you need to start making money? 

A blog with 15+ blog posts is eligible to earn with the Google Adsense program. Each blog post must contain 1000+ words. Your blog should have relevant categories with at least 7 blog posts per category. This applies to new sites and bloggers who are trying to start making money fast only.

For sustainability, update your blog with more valuable content consistently, or else your blog will not rank on search engines for organic traffic generation. 

How long does it take for a blog to be successful? 

It takes 3 weeks to 24 months for a blog to be successful. It depends on how much effort you put into your blog. Bloggers with high CPC blogs can buy traffic and make money fast, however, organic traffic takes time. You need to consistently write and publish good content. Patience and determination are key. 

How do I grow traffic to my blog? 

There are 2 ways to grow your blog traffic 

  1. Inorganic method: This is paid traffic, it is fast and can happen within a short timeframe. This traffic method has pros and cons. The major bottleneck is that paid traffic methods are not sustainable. Your traffic stops when your ad goes off. 
  2. Organic traffic: Organic traffic takes time and effort but it is worth it. To generate sustainable organic traffic to your blog, write many topical articles and publish consistently. Focus on writing about frequently asked questions on Google, and try to fill your blog with content that answers many questions in your niche. More content means more future traffic. If you are serious about growing organic traffic, read my ebook on blogging income secrets. 

Filling your blog with rich content can never be overemphasized, if you have the budget, hire an affordable SEO content writer to help. 

What type of blog gets the most traffic?

Blogs with content that is ranked on the first pages of Search Engines receive the most traffic. These blogs also receive referral traffic (backlinks) from other reputable websites.

A good percentage of the traffic comes from direct website visits or returning readers.

Is it too late to start a blog? 

No, it is not too late to start a blog, there are many underserved niches to serve with your blog’s content. Follow the tips in this article and quit procrastinating. Start now and grow gradually. 

Key takeaways 

  1. Blogs with rich SEO-optimized articles containing high-cost-per-click keywords make the most money. 
  2. Paid traffic is the fastest way to generate blog traffic, this should be used for Adsense Arbitrage alone. 
  3. Organic traffic is the most sustainable traffic generation method for blogging. It takes time, but it is worth it.


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