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11 Hidden Health  Insurance affiliate programs for bloggers

A health affiliate is a person who markets products for health brands to get a commission. Affiliates earn a commission when a referred individual clicks on his or her referral link or make a purchase from the business or individual he or she was referred to. 


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Going by the topic of this article, you may be wondering if health insurance affiliate programs are profitable.

After defining who a health affiliate is and how he or she earns.

I will like to tell you that health insurance affiliate programs are very profitable, and it is a good investment, particularly for personal finance bloggers or health bloggers.


11  Health Insurance Affiliate Programs for Bloggers


Among many Health Insurance Affiliate Programs, here are eleven (11) Affiliate Programs that can be promoted on Personal Finance Blogs.


1. Carrefour Assurance Animaux FR affiliate program


Carrefour Assurance Animaux FR affiliate program is a great deal for health blogs, pet blogs and finance blogs. If you are a pet owner or animal lover, you would know that taking care of pets can be so demanding and costly especially when they are ill. 


Carrefour Assurance Animaux FR offers a pet insurance program, particularly for dogs and cats. It covers their general health care, vaccination, and general health recovery in cases of sickness and accident. Perhaps, if the pet needs surgery after an accident or upon the incident of an illness, a reimbursement will be made by the insurance company to the pet owner. 


Also, Carrefour Assurance ensures the safety of an insured pet if the pet owner is hospitalized. They do this by covering the cost of transferring the pet to a close relative of the owner or a specialized organisation. They also commit up to €305 to the caretaker. This amount is to be used to take care of the pet. 


The amount that is to be contributed to the insurance company does not change throughout the lifetime of the insured animal. A cat or dog can be insured from 3 months of its birth. 

Click here to sign up for the Carrefour Affiliate program. 


Carrefour Assurance Animaux Commission Rate: 2.63% per action

Carrefour Assurance Animaux Cookie duration: 1 day


2. affiliate program allows bloggers to partner with them to promote healthcare insurance programs from United Healthcare, National General, Humana, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, and more.

These healthcare insurance programs are not too expensive. Their rates are 50% less than the rate of a typical health care plan. 


Bloggers who want to sign up for the affiliate program to promote the health care plans on their health blogs, personal finance blogs, as the case may be can do so by clicking this link with no cost attached. Commission Rate: $50-75 one-time payment on healthcare plans and 10-40% of the referral fee for up to 12 months. Cookie Duration: 120 days

3. My CoPay is Too High Affiliate Program


My CoPay is Too High allows its users to choose an affordable health insurance program. It also allows them to save costs on essential medical services like doctor visits, prescription costs, and therapy sessions. It is available not just for individuals. Families can also make use of the plan. 


One benefit that affiliates stand to gain from joining this affiliate program is that their audience is free to try out the insurance plans at no initial cost.

This means clicks are more likely to generate income. You can sign up to promote the affiliate program on your blog via this link.


My CoPay is Too High Commission Rate: Unknown

My CoPay is Too High Cookie Duration: Unknown

4.  My Medicare Affiliate Program


My Medicare Supplemental works to provide adequate information that can make making decisions concerning Medical Insurance plans easier.

Bloggers who are interested in becoming affiliates must note that the advertising must be explicit. Also, campaigns used to generate leads must not be based on incentives. Affiliates receive payment on the 1st and 15th of every month.


My Medicare Commission rate: is $1.50 per referral

My Medicare Cookie Duration: Unknown


5. Medical Travel Insurance Affiliate Program


Medical Travel Insurance helps individuals (up to the age of 100) insure their health, particularly frequent travellers.

This insurance program is particularly beneficial for frequent travellers who are living with various health conditions.

As a health blogger or personal finance blogger, you can provide your audience with single-trip travel policies, annual cover, medical travel insurance, backpacker travel insurance, cruise cover or winter sports policies courtesy Medical Travel Insurance Affiliate Program.


To join Medical Travel Insurance as an affiliate click here.

Medical Travel Insurance Affiliate Program Commission rate: 20%

Medical Travel Insurance Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 3 months


6. Freedom Health Insurance Affiliate Program


Freedom Health Insurance is a Private Health Insurance company that offers health care plans for individuals, families and businesses.

For families, payment is only made for the first child. Payment is added to private health insurance policies for other children at no cost.

Users who eventually decide to sign up for Freedom Health Insurance can freeze their premium for up to two years. They also get a 6% discount upon renewing their health insurance policy every year.


Personal finance bloggers interested in joining Freedom Health Insurance Affiliate Program can do so at no cost. Upon joining, no fee is to be paid monthly. To join Freedom Health Insurance Affiliate Program, sign up here.


Freedom Health Insurance Affiliate Program Commission Rate: 10-20%

Freedom Health Insurance Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 30 days


7. Reliance HMO Affiliate Program


Reliance HMO is a health insurance company that aims to make health insurance plans easily accessible through the use of technology.

Those who which to become Reliance HMO only need to refer their community to purchase health insurance from Reliance HMO. The first step is to sign up which is easy to do.

Bloggers who want to sign up as an affiliate can do so here.

Reliance HMO Affiliate Program Commission Rate: 7.5%

Reliance HMO Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 7 days


8. Aflac Affiliate Program


Aflac is a leading company in providing insurance for its users in cases of chronic illness, dental problems, accidents and cancer.

They also have the opportunity to sign up for life insurance. They provide supplemental insurance. Affiliates get paid within 24 hours of promoting some products. 


Aflac Affiliate Program Commission rate: $16 per referral 

Aflac Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 30 days


9. CoverPlus Health Affiliate Program


CoverPlus helps users who need to save time in picking and signing up for the right health insurance online. CoverPlus offers dental insurance plans of up to 80% discount on basic procedures.

CoverPlus Health also offers Short-Term Insurance which is available for up to 12 months, gap insurance and ACA or Obama Care Enrollment.

The plans are open to individuals and families. To join CoverPlus Health Affiliate Program, visit here.

CoverPlus Health Affiliate Program Commission Rate: 30% per referral

CoverPlus Health Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: Unknown



DentalPlans offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on any purchased insurance.

However, users of Dental Plans usually have no cause to back out because they have the opportunity to save 10 to 60% on dental care from over 30 dental plans from popular healthcare brands.

The dental plans cover over 140,000 dentists in various countries of the world. Affiliate Program Commission Rate: $50 per sale Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 30 days


11. eHealth Affiliate Program


eHealth offers more than 10,000 health insurance products from over 180 health insurance carriers to its users. Users can also compare health insurance plans and apply for the most suitable one.

eHealth offers 24/7 support from health insurance agents via email, telephone and online chat to its users. Individuals, families, small businesses and large businesses can benefit greatly from using eHealth.

The insurance covers dental care, vision care and more. 


eHealth Affiliate Program Commission rate: $10-75 per referral

eHealth Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 120 days


Final Thoughts


Healthcare is getting costly and many people seek to leverage various healthcare insurance plans to save cost on health services.

Therefore, health insurance affiliate programs are very profitable, especially for personal finance,health and wellness  blogs.


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