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Facebook Advertising | The Complete Guide

Facebook Advertising Secrets
Facebook Advertising Secrets

Facebook Advertising Completely Explained for Beginners and Advanced Marketers.

This article will reveal every secret about Facebook advertising, including all the tips and tricks to use and run a profitable Facebook marketing company or Facebook ad campaigns.

These Facebook advertising tricks will skyrocket your income, triple your ROI, ensure reading word for word.  

“Many people offer valuable products & services, but only those who advertise well will sell more and maximize profit.” 

Before going deep to discuss Facebook advertising, let’s discuss the concept of advertising. 

Advertising Vs Facebook Advertising

Advertising: according to Britannica.comit refers to the techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice and to persuade the public to respond in a certain way toward what a marketer advertises. 

This definition has the keywords that make the concept of advertising complete.

 “Techniquesproductsservices, idea & persuade to respond.” 

Advertising requires some special techniques. 

People use these techniques to put products and services in from of the right people.

Advertising companies and individual marketers use the persuasion technique to make potential buyers respond and make a buying decision fast.

The ultimate goal of advertising is to get someone to respond and take the desired action (to buy, opt-in, subscribe, engage, be aware of, etcetera).

The Facebook advertising platform has provided a very conducive environment to make this happen with just clicks on your phone or the computer.

All these are made possible through the advancements in technology, taking us from the old way of marketing to digital marketing.

Facebook advertising is an essential aspect of digital marketing.

It has helped numerous advertising companies, Facebook ad agencies, and individuals to increase their profitability through the internet.

DIGITAL MARKETING: The Foundation of Facebook Advertising

Digital Marketing: is any marketing done through an electronic channel or the internet. 

Suppose you have access to electronic gadgets like a mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer, smart TV, or digital billboard with an internet connection. In that case, you can see marketing messages online. 

In short, digital marketing is any marketing activity done online. 

The internet has made digital marketing more convenient, fast, and reliable, as advertisers market through emails, websites, search engines, affiliate systems, social media (WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Likee), and other social networks like Pinterest, Youtube, and of course through the social media giant “FACEBOOK.”  

Yes, Facebook is the social media giant, with a consistently increasing number of over 2.7 billion registered accounts. 

Facebook occupies over 75 percent of the entire social media space. It is currently the largest social network worldwide. 

Facebook-Advertising Secrets

Why is this important to you?

There is barely any product or service without a customer on Facebook. If you know the techniques to advertise correctly on Facebook, your business will skyrocket sales and consistently make unbelievable profits, which is why you need to understand Facebook advertising. 

Facebook Advertising Definition   

Facebook Advertising refers to the strategies, techniques, and best practices used in marketing products, services, opinions, or ideas to Facebook users in a way that ethically persuades them to respond and take the action they desire. 

For most people, the desired action is to get people to buy their products or services, while others may want to get email subscribers, advertise their brand, or increase awareness for themselves, someone else, or something. 

It is that simple. 

How can you go about this? What do you need to do to get your Facebook marketing message to reach the right audience who will respond as fast as possible by taking the action you desire? 

It is essential to understand how Facebook works before moving forward with your Facebook advertising game.

As you read on, I will expose how Facebook works and how Facebook can show suitable adverts to the right people in a way that persuades them to respond. 

Facebook makes use of a programming tool known as “Algorithm.” 

UNDERSTANDING FACEBOOK ALGORITHM: The No. 1 Facebook Advertising Secret

Before I take you through what the Facebook algorithm is and how it works, let’s begin with the Facebook newsfeed because the algorithm controls what you see on your newsfeed. 

The Facebook newsfeed is the interface you see when you log on to Facebook, and it shows other people’s posts, your post, what people like, comment and share, and even Facebook sponsored ads.

The image below is an example of a Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook Advertising

As you go through the Facebook newsfeed trying to catch up with what’s happening on Facebook, the algorithm determines what you see on the newsfeed. 

The Facebook algorithm is how Facebook decides which posts users see and what order every time they check their newsfeeds. 

Facebook uses what their engineers refer to as “the news feed algorithm” or “the machine learning algorithm” to learn about people’s activity online; this learning takes place on Facebook and other websites. 

Once you have an account with Facebook, they can track your activity on or off Facebook (even when you visit other websites). 

Still, your visit to another website will only be noticed by Facebook when the website owner has a unique tracking code known as “Facebook pixel” installed on the website or landing page or specific web page(s). 

They eventually use this data to show information that aligns with the user’s behavior, interest, or activity online. 

Facebook Advertisers also use these data for remarketing to you with follow-up facebook ads after visiting a particular website. 

 Facebook know people: 

  • Who has buying online or have carried out related activities in the past? 
  • Those who engage with people’s content (Liking, sharing, and commenting on people’s post) 
  • Those who are addicted or have the behavior of watching videos online.  
  • The people and pages they follow 
  • The information they are searching for. 
  • The things, products, and services they are interested in. 
  • The language/keywords they use on Facebook, and so on.  

The algorithm combines these data to help paid advertisers target correctly. 

Why? Because Facebook already has details about everyone on the platform. 

It is easier to show paid adverts to its users based on what the users may be interested in.  

All these are made possible by the Facebook machine learning algorithm. 

The Facebook algorithm works differently from the algorithms in other platforms like YouTube, Google Search, Bing, Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Another case in point that demonstrates how the Google algorithm works is when someone searches for information with a google search. 

The search result is made possible by Google Algorithm. 

 The algorithm uses the keywords used by the searcher to crawl the internet and scoop results that match with what the searcher is looking for or information relating to their search expectation. 

Now see that real magic: Google places related ads on top of the search results. 

These ads look like the information you are looking for, so you will click and see more. 

All these happen because of the Google Algorithm web tool.  

I hope you get the point now. 

I did a fast search for “how to lose weight”  using Google.  

See a screenshot of Google results below, first showing ads related to what I was searching for before the actual search results. That’s purely the work of the algorithm. 

google algorithm

google algorithm

The algorithm works in different ways to help programmers solve specific problems. My focus in this article is not on the google algorithm, but I hope you understand the algorithm’s job. 

How is the Algorithm important to you and in your Facebook advertising strategy? 

  • The algorithm uses people’s data to show ads that align with what Facebook users are likely to be interested in.
  • You have the power to show your ads to only people who will be interested in what you are trying to sell.
  • Since the Facebook algorithm knows which keywords people use on Facebook, you can avoid using words to get your ads flagged or even get banned from the platform.
  • These words include vulgar words like sex, fuck, or other words that imply that you are promoting sexual pleasure or adult content.
  • Facebook does not allow advertisers to use words, images, or videos that make others feel uncomfortable. For instance, those in the weight loss niche always use “before and after” pictures/videos to show the transformation process of big but has eventually lost weight.
  • According to Facebook, this is body shaming. Be careful. This may put you in trouble because they will know. 

Facebook does not want you to make claims on your Ads; 

Let’s say your headline says, “I will teach you how to make 10 million in 2 days. Facebook may flag this ad copy because there is no guarantee that your customers will get the same results as you; this is because results are not typical. So, you should rather say “Learn how to make 10 million in 2 days”. 

This is just an example to guide you; I hope you get the gist. 

  1. Facebook does not like advertisers who call out people in their marketing message. Avoid using words Like “You,” “You’ll” when writing your ad copy. The reason is to avoid making users feel uncomfortable. The primary aim of using Facebook is to share experiences. Facebook thinks that these words may cause depression. 
  2. Facebook Algorithm favors content with photos and videos over just text. Even your Facebook post with an image or video gets more engagement than a post with just text. I have experimented with this many times. The results show that Facebook Algorithm favors content with photos and videos over just text.
  3. Facebook Algorithm understands marketing keywords like buy, sell, order, sale, etc. If you advertise on your timeline, these words will reduce your post reach, except you are using paid ads. 


FACEBOOK ORGANIC MARKETING: The  Free Facebook Advertising Hacks 

I will reveal the simple hacks to use and build a pool of loyal fans and turn these fans into happy buyers without spending on paid advertising.

Suppose you are just starting your Facebook marketing journey, or you’ve been selling online for some time.

Still, you want to naturally create a consistent stream of income online without paying for Facebook ads. In that case, this will be of help to you.

I learned these free Facebook influencer marketing strategies from Johny West. I want to share these with you, plus other things I’ve experimented with over the years and have worked for me.

Hey, I strongly give credit to Jonny West for providing the foundational knowledge on Facebook influencer marketing.

Facebook influencer marketing

Facebook influencer marketing is simply the process of positioning yourself as an influencer/authority in your niche by proving value, gaining trust, and also selling products/services to your fans, followers, or viewers.    

When you become an influencer, people will be naturally attracted to you. If you provide them with valuable content, they will trust you, and TRUST is all you need to explode your sales on Facebook/online. 

Let’s dig dip into all the things you need to do to become an influencer in your niche and how you can turn the influence into a cash machine. 

Step 1Create an authority building Facebook profile 

Here I’ll reveal how you can build authority with your Facebook profile. I am not talking about a Facebook page; I mean your actual Facebook profile to send and accept Facebook friend requests. Let me ask you a question: when people land on your Facebook wall, what do they look out for? 

Your profile, of course.

Within a few seconds, they want to know who you are and why they should either connect with you or walk away.  

Your profile gives them the first impression of you. If your goal is to be a good influencer, you need to grab people’s attention with the first impression. Let the first glance at your profile teach them about you and how you can help them. 

Your prospects/potential buyers only care about what’s in for them, what problem you can help them solve; they don’t care about you. 

It is not about you; it is about them.

Be as loud as possible and very specific. Let’s say you are a fitness coach. If you write “I am a fitness coach” or “fitness coach” on your profile, a new person visiting your profile won’t take you very seriously. 

There are a lot of fitness coaches out there anyway. 

But if you say something like, “I can help you stay fit within 3 weeks with my healthy weight loss secrets“, do you think this will grab more attention? Definitely yes. 

You can add social proof or any other image that demonstrates how your services work or how it has helped transform other people.

Even if you are in a different niche, it still works. The idea is to point them to something that gives them the impression that they can pay you to help them. 

 Now, let me show you a few ways to optimize your profile and hook people into your funnel. 

 Suppose you eventually begin to gain momentum as an influencer. In that case, new people (who have heard of you or seen your content somewhere) will always want to search for you.

They want to be sure that you are the right person and the right fit for them to work with, follow or benefit from.  

This is the raw truth; scammers are everywhere, people want to be sure before they engage in any transaction.  

You need to use your profile to convince people that you are the right person with the solution; this begins with making your name easily searchable. Don’t use nicknames, unnecessary punctuations, unique titles, etc.

Use your real name and be consistent with this name on all platforms, even outside Facebook. This makes it easy for people to search and find you.  

Let’s move to the next step in optimizing your page for free Facebook advertising.

Step 2Work on your Facebook profile cover photo.

The truth is, when people visit your profile, what they see first is the cover photo. Don’t take this for granted. Optimize your profile cover photo. 

See an example in my Facebook cover photo below.

Facebook Advertising for free

Use these simple bullet points below to craft the message on your cover photo. 

  • Have a catchy eye photo that stops profile visitors 
  • Be specific, narrow down your niche, and mention the pain points (the pain point in my cover photo is “spending on ads”); 
  • The pain point should either be the problem, what’s currently hurting them, troubling their health, wasting their money, holding them back from succeeding/moving forward, finishing a project, or anything else. As long as you can help them with the solution.  
  • Make an irresistible promise, i.e., what type of results they should expect (Note that my promise is to teach people how to make a huge profit selling on Facebook “even without spending on paid ads.” (Make sure you eventually deliver what you’ve promised, avoid the temptation to make a false promise)
  • Clearly show them the next step to take with your CTA (call to action), tell them what to do next, maybe call you, use a link to visit your website, WhatsApp, Facebook group, landing page, etc. 

Step 3: Turn your Facebook profile BIO into a Call to Action.

What you want to do next is to move your audience from Facebook to your funnel (landing page, website, e-commerce store, or even WhatsApp) with a link.

Facebook allows you to provide a clickable link on your intro. Use this to get them into your funnel as fast as possible with a clear CTA. 

Don’t miss this point. Make it easy, provide the link, use emoji or an arrow to point to the link if possible.

See my Facebook profile BIO below.

Facebook Advertising Secrets for beginners

The idea is to bring them closer to your business world, where you can gradually persuade them to decide to buy.

gradually persuade them to decide to buy
The primary essence of this is to get them into your funnel.

I like to move people from my Facebook profile to my landing page, present a signup form plus an irresistible freebie that serves as bait to collect their email addresses.

I’ll continue my communication with them using an email autoresponder.
There are many email autoresponders online like,,,,,, etc. I use

With an email autoresponder, you can create automation and send out personalized daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly communications to people on your email list. 

Suppose people remain on your Facebook profile without taking another step to reach you. In that case, it is a total waste of time. 

I strongly recommend having a website or landing page with a lead magnet/signup form linked to an email autoresponder. But if you don’t have this type of funnel. You can create a WhatsApp link and put it on your Bio.

They’ll click on the link and contact you directly on WhatsApp so that you can continue the business discussion with them. 

If you don’t know how to create a WhatsApp link, don’t freak out, lol. It’s simple 

Type https// (beginning with your country code), but don’t add the plus (+) sign to the country code

See this example https// (If people clickon the link, they will be taken to your WhatsApp, and they can send you a direct message.

Most people will contact you directly on Facebook messenger; that’s okay because it makes things a lot easier for you. 

Step 3Include a featured image on your profile:

Facebook allows you to add up to five feature images to your profile. I will recommend that you use just one. 

Feature images appear just below your profile intro. 

Facebook Advertising Secrets for beginners



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