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Complete Email Marketing Strategy & Best Practices (Revealed)

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

Proven email marketing strategy and best practices for 2021 (Video inside)

Do you need a proven email marketing strategy to help you build, manage and grow your business with a highly profitable email list of very loyal subscribers who will stay glued to their inboxes, read your emails and happily buy your stuff?.

Yes right?

In this article, you will learn “hands down” the best email marketing strategy & tactics to explode your sales in 2021.


This involves three simple steps

  1. Building an email list
  2. Maintaining a healthy email list and
  3. Sending valuable content to your email list


There are many ideas out there about building an email list but take my advice.

Never buy an email list.

Buying an email list may lead to spamming, poor open rates and  you may also get into trouble with the authorities if they find out that you are sending unsolicited messages to people.

What should you do to get email subscriptions?

Use lead magnets like:

  • Giving a free ebook in exchange for a potential client or customers email address
  • A free webinar registration with an email sign up as the criteria to attend the webinar
  • Or anything of value that triggers someone to willingly release their email address

In most blogs or websites, pop-up forms are placed on the pages, once a user spends some time on the website, a form pops up with a promise to give the website visitor  something of value in exchange for their email address.

This is the first step in every good email marketing strategy.

Sometimes, marketers create a squeeze page that serves as a landing page, with a promise to give the visitor something of value, but they need to fill in their best personal email address to be able to get the freebie.

If you own an e-commerce business, make sure people opt-in to your email list before making a purchase.

Why is this important? 

It helps you to keep in touch with customers, built a relationship with them, and even remarket to them in the future.

A double opt-in is even better 

Double opt-in: This is more effective because it requires the user to open your first email in their inbox to confirm their interest in being a part of your mailing list.

That’s not all, it allows you to filter fake email opt-ins and trains the email service providers to understand that your emails are not spam and should be delivered effectively.

The next step in learning how to master email marketing  is to know how to effectively maintain your email list


Maintaining a healthy email list simply means keeping a list of subscribers who are engaging regularly with your emails.

The email algorithm uses an engagement ratio to decide whether your emails are spam or not.

The engagement ratio describes the open rates you get whenever you send emails. The more you send emails that never get opened, the more likely email service providers will categorize your emails as spam.

A good practice is to scrub your email list and remove subscribers who never open your emails in the last 3 – 6 months. That’s the rule of thumb.

This allows you to keep only subscribers who are regularly engaging with your email communications.

If they are engaging with your emails,

Then they are interested in your topic and they are likely to take the specific actions that you want them to take.

These actions could be to; click on links to your blog post, Youtube videos, affiliate offers, or buy your products/services.

At the end of the day, keeping a healthy email list increases your ROI.

IMPORTANT TIP: Increasing your email ROI is key.

If you are managing your email list with email autoresponders like convertkit, Sendinblue, activecampaign, getresponse, etc.

You surely understand that keeping people’s email addresses on their platform cost money, that’s some kind of investment right?

So to recoup your cost, you need to have a good return on email marketing investment.

The good news is, the overall value of email deliverability is on the rise.

In 2010, the digital marketing association put the Return On Email Marketing at $40 for every $1 spent.

In 2019, the digital marketing association reported an increase of 2 per cent to $42 for every $1 spent.

Email Marketing Segmentation

Why ?.

It’s because of the increased use of segmentation in email marketing.

Email Marketing Segmentation

This means dividing the email list into different groups so that you can send content-specific emails of interest to them.

Email marketing isn’t one size fits all

To increased your open rate, you should learn to understand that not everyone on your list will consume the same information at the same time and feel satisfied.

That’s why segmentation is important.

You could segment your list for better open rate and engagement.

Most people prefare to segment their list by demographics, location, opt-in time, etc.

Hubspot recommends behavioural segmentation.

Behavioural segmentation:

This is the grouping done based on how the user previously interacted with your brand or content. These include things like new user opt-in, previous purchases, customer loyalty,  frequently opened emails in a specific top, etc.

With these segments, you can create trigger emails to attend to specific customer needs based on specific behaviours of the users.

Studies reveal that email segmentation increases email engagement by 77%

Email Marketing ROI

Email list behaviour-based segmentation is the best tool to use in managing your email list because users will always receive email communications that are tailored to their interests. This how-to master email marketing in practical terms. 



People receive tons of emails every day, most people receive up to 200 emails per day.  If you want to stand out and get your emails opened fast, then you need to do what the masters of email marketing do to increase their engagements.

These few tips will help

i. Have a super clickbait title to increase the open rate:

When it comes to emails, conveying value starts from the email subject line, this will determine whether the email will be opened or not.

But, this shouldn’t mean you should use click baits that eventually turn off people, but the point is to use good headlines that will arouse curiosity, the value of your email should be perceived from the title or subject.

69 per cent of Spam report come from subject lines, so be sure to use subject lines that won’t take your email to the spam folder.


Crafting great and highly converting email subject lines requires good copywriting and content marketing  skillset, 

That is why we have carefully crafted this copywriting ebook using our results, experience and recommendations from copywriting gurus.

The book is tailored to help anyone who wants to skyrocket their results by writing copy + emails that get millions of clicks and convert ordinary people to higher-paying customers or clients. Most people say this book has helped them to sell like crazy…Check it out here

Copywriting and Content Marketing

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Important Tip: 

Always split test (A/B test ) your subject line: this means testing variations of subject lines to know which one works best.

This works well for me. Many email autoresponder service providers have the A/B testing feature.

We use convertkit to test two subject lines with a small audience from our list. Once we get the best subject line, we can send the broadcast using the winning subject line.

A/B testing also opens doors for learning opportunities and informs your decision for future subject lines.

Make sure to keep a swipe file of subject lines that have worked really well for you, you may need them in future.

You can also use the preheader:

these are the first few words in your email that shows a preview in your inbox before anyone opens to read. The preheader supports the main subject line. A lot of email marketers

The best email subject lines are within 50 characters or less.

These subject lines mostly teasers, piquing people to open and read. Just be sure that whatever you tease in the subject line actually delivers in the body of the email.

Avoid deceptive click baits as this will dent your brand reputation and lower future open rates.


Email subject lines

ii. Craft killer email copy

  •  keep the text simple with the main point upfront (save the long-form writing for your blog)
  •  It’s all about them and not you. Write for your audience, your emails should always have a payoff/benefit for your audience. This is why they will keep reading your emails anyway.
  • Personalise your conversations, don’t be too formal or salesy with your emails. Think of your emails as a personal conversation with your friend. This way your emails will be treated as real and not considered spam. If you try too hard to sell with your emails all the time, your emails will end up in the Promotions tab or spam folder.
  • Run your emails through a spam test to check for punctuation, formatting, fonts, languaging that are spam free, this helps with deliverability.

You should aim to get your emails delivered to primary inboxes and not promotion tabs, spam or junk folders. (This is really a big tussle for almost everyone though)

  • Use email sequences: An email sequence is used for different purposes. a) to build a relationship with new subscribers or cold traffic before selling them something. b) To continue to maintain the relationship with your list to stay relevant and make future profits. I will reveal details about this as you read on

iii. Send interest-based emails:

This is why behaviour-based segmentation is key. If your email list is segmented properly, users will only receive emails based on the things they are already interested in.

Even if you are sending new offers to the list, it should fall within their area of interest or something that will complement what they already have an interest in.

Here’s an example: If someone had purchased a suit, trouser or long sleeve shirts from your store before, offering them a new pair of shoes to match their outfit won’t be a bad idea.

If you sell information products, send them emails that will help them grow in their journey to achieving what they desire.

This could be educational emails, stories, emails with valuable information plus links to a related blog post, youtube video,  related events, affiliate offers or new products that would be of help to them.

If you are sending new offers to your list based on their past behaviour, you should remind them of the previous action that led to the new email communication with them. This way they will connect easily with the new email.

The Next Proven  Email Marketing Strategy is the use of email sequence


An email sequence is a series of emails sent out at time intervals, these emails are preset and go out based on the timing.

This could be immediately someone opts into your email list, a day after they signup to your email list, the first few days of joining your list, 10 days, 30 days or 180 days after joining your list or when a particular action is triggered.

However, these kinds of emails differ from an email broadcast where you send an email to your email segments or everyone on your list when the need arises.

Email Marketing Strategy
Sequence vs Broadcast

Email sequences form a very huge part of email marketing strategy.

According to Russel Brunson,  Founder of (the world’s most talked-about funnel building software), email sequences can be done in two ways

  1. Soap Opera Sequence
  2. Send Filed Sequence

Soap Opera Sequence: 

This is used to build a new relationship with a new subscriber. But the idea is to keep them hooked until you make them buy from you.  Ideally, Russell talks about building an attractive character with new subscribers. He uses the technique used by directors of most soap opera series.

If you’ve ever watched a  soap opera, you will notice that the stories are open-ended high drama episodes that never ends. One episode will make you desire to watch the next and stay glued to your TV at the scheduled time.

That’s how the soap opera email sequence also works.

It automates a sequence of 5 emails to be sent out to any subscriber who newly joins an email list.

According to Russell Brunson, he uses the soap opera sequence to sell his book Dotcom Secrets (the underground playbook for building highly converting funnels).

I will show you how the 5-day soap opera sequence is done.

Email Marketing Strategy

Day 1, Email 1: Set the stage 

The first email is used to quickly introduce yourself and thank your new subscriber for joining the list,  then make them a huge promise to reveal something to them in the next email if they open it.

This could be a quick insight into what your product does.  Are you going to email them once a day for the next 5 days ?.

Let them know what to expect.

Day 2, Email 2: Open with High Drama

If you did a good job with your first email, they will definitely open the second email. This is where the “story selling” process begins.

Open the story with high drama and If you want your audience to desire to read your story, start with the good part of the story “the high drama”.

Then go back to the beginning and tell the back story after grabbing their attention with the emotional drama.

Usually, the story leads them to where they got stuck. This is where most people are in their lives, they are stuck and looking for a solution.

Don’t tell them the next thing, just open the loop and promise to say it in your next email.

At this point, they are interested to find out about your breakthrough, promise to let the cat out in your next email.

Day 3, Email 3:  Epiphany

This literally means the moment of your breakthrough.  The moment where everything turned around for you. Mention your product as the breakthrough.

Remember the story you told them on day 2? how you got stuck and couldn’t move further?. The epiphany bridge reveals what helped you to succeed and how that could help them to succeed fast.

Think about your niche

Are you helping people to keep fit?

Your epiphany could be that you discovered the trick to keep fit without skipping meals or starving (eat what you like and still be fit).

Are you teaching people how to make money online?

Your epiphany could be that you learnt how to build a list and turn the list into high paying clients.

At the end of the email, reveal your product as the solution to help them get the same results and even more.

Ask them to check it out.

Prepare their mind for your next email, where you will reveal the ultimate benefits

Something like: “Tomorrow  I will show you a few benefits of using my system to make money online, and be financially free forever. You probably didn’t know about this, look out for my email more” 

Day 4, Email 4: Hidden Benefits

In this email, point out the hidden benefits the reader is getting by purchasing your product.

Be sure to point out the benefits in a way that either makes them feel like you are taking them away from pain or moving them towards a pleasurable life, a good life, their dream, their fantasies etc. 

See some examples below:

“What if you can make enough money and never worry about looking for a job again” 

“What if you can make enough money and pay all your bills without being in debt again”.   

“Sure, you are going to make enough money and send your kids to the best schools in town”. 

“This system helped me to quit my job, earn so much that I can travel the world with my beautiful wife, you could enjoy this kind of life too”. 

At the end of this email, give them a link to your product sales page, webinar or free membership trial on your membership site.

You already know your niche…..

Day 5, Email 5: Urgency and Call to Action

This is usually the last email in the soap opera sequence, not the last email but the last in the introductory sequence.

The aim is to give people the last push and make them take action fast bu creating a sense of urgency. You’ve been using CTAs in the previous emails but this creates the idea that it must be done fast.

Here are some examples of CTAs with Urgency

We only printed a few thousand book copies, almost gone”  Order fast

“Reserve your spot now or lose this opportunity forever”  Join now

“We are pulling the  video offline tonight” Watch fast

“I am taking only 47 entries, slots almost gone ”  Act fast

“We’ll take the discount down tonight, this is your last chance to Buy now”

“The webinar starts tomorrow” Sign up now 

Do not create fake urgency. Be creative, if your product is evergreen, tie your urgency around a coupon, discount or real timing.

That’s pretty how a soap opera works.

Email 1 pulls them into email 2 until they finish the series.

If someone buys in email 3 or 4, you can create a trigger to stop sending them the emails and put them in another tag of people who have purchased from you. This way you can send them different emails

I use convertkit for my segmentation and it does a great job for me.

What’s the Next  Email Marketing Strategy?

Standfield Emails

Send field emails are quite different from a soap opera sequence.

Now, you could be wondering what happens next after someone goes through your soap opera.

Should you stop there?

I will be honest with you, the answer is no.

Send field emails are emails about NOTHING, yes NOTHING…

They are used to continue bonding with your audience. Sendfield emails are entertaining, educating, stories about a good or bad day you had or a fascinating event.

The trick is to tie the story to your offers and still sell after all.

Standfield emails are perfect because they are mostly story based, entertaining and leads people to make a buying decision.

They are not automated like soap opera sequence. However they can be scheduled, but the difference is that send field emails are mostly sent as one-off broadcast…

Any good marketer should always sell without really sounding salesy, that’s the only way to stay in business.  Sendfield emails will help you achieve this.

If you apply all these techniques here, you sure have the best email marketing strategy for your business.

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What do you think?

Written by Ferdinand Anok


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