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Creative Instagram bio ideas for 2023

Get 10k Instagram followers with these simple bio ideas

Creative Instagram bio ideas
Creative Instagram bio ideas


Use these Creative Instagram bio ideas if you want your Instagram profile to stand out, you should be flexible enough to be creative and create a flawless Instagram bio that catches attention.

Just like many other social media platforms, Instagram has different aspects that you need to get right for your business to maximize and capture more attention in addition to the number of leads you bring in.

Instagram bio is one of the first things you need to look at when setting up an Instagram account for your business.


You might want to ask, why should I focus on my bio?

This is because one of the first things people will see when they click on your profile is your bio.

You have only one opportunity to make a first impression, so make that first impression count.

If your bio is boring, your Instagram growth and engagement will be  a statement

You might be wondering “how do I make my Instagram bio look great and at the same time attract my dream consumers?”.

How creative should I be?

What are the creative Instagram aesthetic ideas?

Come on, relax.

Magic happens in your bio.

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Creative Instagram bio ideas for 2021

These Creative Instagram bio ideas below will provide  tips you can put into action today to make the perfect Instagram bio:

Make use of your actual name or business name

Make use of your actual name or business name @username.

Let people know what profession is at the space where your name should be and add something extra if suitable. So if you are a business coach and you love cats, change your name to “Business Coach & Cat Lover” The cat lover you added makes you relatable.

Some people will see your profile name and think YES I love cats too! Firstly, you are relatable and this is a great way to start building a bond with your onlookers. Secondly, your profession is there and it makes it very easy for you to connect with your target audience.

If you are a coach or you have a personal brand, your profile picture should be an image of you.

Your logo might be the most beautiful in the world, but people need to see your face to become familiar with you. But if you have a clothing brand or an online shop, then you can use your logo as your profile picture.

The part where you want to talk about yourself should count in the bio.

More so, make the first two lines count, this is because Instagram will ask the user to click ‘more’ to read the full bio. Hence your first two lines should lure them to click on ‘more’ while giving an insight into who you are and what you do. Pen down your personality into your bio because this is an opportunity to connect with your audience without posting an image. So make the opportunity count.

The link in your bio is very important to drive traffic. Place a link in your bio, although there are many websites, like linktree where you can add multiple links and paste in your bio, this will be a discussion for another time. But normally you can place only one link in your bio, so choose wisely. If you are running a free challenge or you have a sale or a PDF file that you want people to download, anything you currently desire more traffic should be the link in your bio.

Emoji are eye-catching, and fun and people relate to them easily so use emojis.

The truth is we all have a favourite emoji that we love to use. Break your bio with an emoji and use it to add colours to the lives of your followers and your bio.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these Creative Instagram bio ideas to start maximizing the potential of your Instagram bio. If more tips were not mentioned, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section.

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Written by Ferdinand Anok


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