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Stop Boosting Facebook Post, do this instead

6 things you must know before running ad campaigns

Boosting facebook post

Boosting Facebook post secrets finally revealed.  In this article, you will discover how boosting a Facebook post can ruin your advertising game. If you read further, I will reveal 6 things you must know before running ad campaigns. These tricks will skyrocket your results.

Most people don’t know why it’s not a wise decision to be boosting posts. There is some special case, but generally, boosting posts is not a perfect idea.

Facebook post boosting is the fastest means of promoting your content on Facebook. It is the handiest and less technical option for beginners.

Advertising on Facebook can be very profitable, you know why? because it is one of the largest online advertising platforms.  But my advice would be to learn how to do it the right way.

How post boosting works.

Post boosting happens directly from your Facebook page timeline. As you can see in the image below. Facebook automatically puts the boost button on the post on your timeline, prompting you to promote the post and reach more audiences.

If you want to increase post engagement (comments, likes, shares, and other reactions), it is perfect. But you will be limited with no flexibility to explore other useful options that will explode your ad result.

Limitations of post boosting

According to Facebook, boosted posts differ from Facebook ads because this does not happen in the ads manager. The main limitation is the fact that you don’t have the option to choose placement, you are limited to Facebook and Instagram. Boosted posts are only considered as ad only when you’ve paid for the duration of advertising.  In another article, I will talk about boosting a Facebook post from your profile vs a Facebook page

Stop Boosting Facebook Posts, do this instead. 

  1. Create an ad using the Facebook ads manager: Go to, and you will be taken to the Facebook ads manager. That’s where all the magic happens. If you are knowledgeable about Facebook ads, the ads manager can turn you from zero to seven figures. If you want to skyrocket your sales on Facebook and cut your losses by 99.9%. I will strongly recommend that you read my Facebook Advertising Secrets book. Click here to read more
  2. Choose the right Ad Objective: The ad objective defines what you intend to achieve from your ad. The image below shows the objectives available on Facebook. If you intend to convert sales, choosing a traffic objective is a total waste.  I dedicated about 5 pages in my Facebook Advertising Secrets book to reveal the evergreen secrets of choosing an ad objective that will skyrocket sales in any niche. The failure or success of your Facebook campaign begins with the objective you choose.
  3. Choose the right placement: Ad Placement is simply where you want your ads to be shown. Again, you may want to consider this, if you know exactly where your dream customers are hanging out. Your Facebook ads can be shown to people on Instagram, a Facebook news feed, Facebook story, other non-Facebook sites, apps, etc. This flexibility isn’t available if you just boost a post. this is why I think boosting posts on Facebook isn’t worth it.
  4. Test your campaign: Marketing is testing. Again, marketing is testing, let this stick, if you are not testing, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You can run an ad and start making some sales but, don’t limit yourself, test other things. Test your creativity, placement, audience, and so on. You may just find a winner and explode your social media advertising game.
  5. Retarget your audience: I bought most courses online after seeing the same ad the third time. The decision to buy does not happen at once. Retargeting gives the audience another opportunity to reconsider your offer. retargeting eventually turns cold traffic into a warm audience. Retargeting is simply the art of showing the same content to the same audience more than once. If you don’t retarget. You are leaving a lot of money on the table.
  6. Build an email list and nurture your potential buyers:  It is more convenient for your audience to access your content via email than on Facebook (Although these leads can be captured on Facebook) You know why? once you send an email, it remains in their inbox for life and they have the liberty to read it whenever they like, this could be after a very busy day at work. You can also personalize email communication and talk to one person at a time by particularly calling their name.   Except they unsubscribe, they remain on your list and you can always market and remarket to them.

Bottom line, boosted post limits your profit-making potential, create Facebook ads, and market like a pro. Let me have your feedback in the comments sections.

If you want to skyrocket your sales on Facebook and cut your losses by 99.9%. I will strongly recommend that you read my Facebook Advertising Secrets book. Click here to read more

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Written by Ferdinand Anok


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